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  • 500l Hopper with dispenser

    Raw material hoppers are made of stainless steel. 6 hoppers are assembled into
  • Bag Sewing Line

    The line for sewing bags is designed for sewing filled (packed) fabric, paper
  • Control Console

    All units of the factory will be controlled by the Processor located in

    The mixer interior, shafts and paddles are made of stainless steel. Highly effective
  • Hopper Controller

    The Сontroller is designed to control weighing dispensers of 3 hoppers. The Controller
  • Mixer Controller

    The Controller is designed to control the FZM-200 mixer. The Controller receives commands
  • Urea grinder

    The UG-3X continuous centrifugal grinder is designed to grind urea granules. The grinder
  • Weight Controller

    The Controller is designed to determine the current weight of the batch. The
  • Weight Dispenser

    The DVS-301 automatic Weight Dispenser of discrete action is intended for automatic weighting